Decking the halls: part 1

So with that ruddy great tree my parents bought from Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm, the time soon came to decorate. A week of ferrying boxes of decorations from the loft and some choice purchases of new lights and all that was left was to get the tree in situ. No easy feet when my parents’ combined height doesn’t even match that of the tree itself.

Catsfield Christmas tree farm Christmas tree

A welder by trade, my dad’s home made Christmas tree stand/contraption has long legs which sprawl out across the floor to counterbalance the towering fir under the weight of the lights and decorations. This year pushed the stand to its limits and one of the legs gave way as the tree was being lashed to the picture rail, so we had to shore up the broken leg with some paperback books. “No elf and safety here” said I. Groan, did they.

Mum and dad’s tree has long been classically styled. Throughout my childhood it was a traditional look of red and gold, then for many years it was an elegant cream and gold scheme. One year it was left up to me and we had gold, fuchsia and purple. That only lasted one year.  Then we had an orange and green look for a couple of years until coming back around to a traditional red, green and gold look for 2012.  And here it is!

Red and gold Christmas tree decorations

920 lights, warrior poses on top of the ladder and 6 hours later and the tree was done.  We celebrated the following day with a party in honour of ma’s birthday and it was lovely to have the house decked out in time.

Next up, the three trees at my house!  Yeah!