Nintendo Christmas Jumper: Zelda Edition

Time to dig out those dodgy Christmas jumpers, or not so dodgy in the case of these awesome threads that appeared in my home tonight!

Nintendo Christmas jumper Zelda

Now, I’m no fashionista. But I do know a good Christmas jumper when I see one, and this totally awesome Nintendo Christmas jumper is definitely one of them. Okay, here goes my best attempt:

The model wears a chunky knit jumper designed by fashion house Nintendo, shown here in the seasonal shade of clementine. ¬†Featuring Zelda’s iconic protagonist, Link holding a sprig of mistletoe, the fine detailing to this garment can be examined in the 3D pom pom attached to Link’s hat.

There’s also Mario, Luigi, Pikmin and more editions in the series. ¬†Can we all get together for a party or something?