Decking the halls: part 2

So after a weekend of Christmassy fun at the parentals’, it was high time to bring some Christmassyness to the coast and I think three trees ought to do it.  Here’s my husband and I building Christmas tree #1 super fast!

Red and white Christmas tree

Red and white Christmas tree decorations

We picked up this tree from The Christmas Shop in Bluewater a couple years back, it works really well in the space we have which is limited by two things – 1) space and 2) my obsession with colour co-ordination. I’m a bit of a purist in the living room and love the Nordic look for it’s clean simplicity AND its ability to compliment our grey/blue wallpaper.  I’ve amassed some super cute lanterns and hanging decs, I’ll run through all my kit and where to get it in another post.

Christmas tree fairy

So with tree #1 topped out with a fairy that looks a bit like me, our attentions turned to the next one…

Traditional Christmas tree

Out in the lobby is a different story. Here, anything goes!  This tree has been with us for about 7 or 8 years and we use this tree to house all the Christmas decs we’ve picked up on our travels around the world.  Some new additions this year include this cute cable car from San Francisco, a wonderfully tacky souvenir from LA and a trio from our recent honeymoon to Hawaii.  Surfing Santa yeah!

San Francisco cable car Christmas tree decorationHawaiian Christmas tree decorationsAnd just because, here’s Oscar sizing up his new Christmas toy.

Oscar Hogg

The final instalment of our tree-o (ha!) is an outdoor number joined by a small herd of reindeer in the garden.  More details on that, and a guide on how to set up an external power supply for Christmas lights to come!