Christmas at Disney World

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So there seems to be a lot of Disney stuff on this here blog. What’s all that about I hear you ask?  Well this year I’ll be spending two-omg-weeks at Walt Disney World in Florida this December and I am beyond excited about this.

There is so much that goes on at the Disney parks during the Christmas season, I’m finding out something new and amazing every day, so I need somewhere to document all the tips and teeny details that are shaping this into the trip of a lifetime.

For the first time ever we’ll be joined by my parents who are total Disney noobs, so this is all being written up so I don’t forget and so my folks get some idea of what they’re getting themselves into…!

Get started with my Christmas in Disney World Bucket List.  Enjoy!  Got a tip for something special to do at Disney during the festive season? Tell me!

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