Christmas Movie Club

In the run-up to Christmas I lovelovelove watching a Christmas film on a Saturday afternoon each weekend.  Christmas movies cover all moods of film-watching. Feeling blue? Elf will never fail to cheer me up (I will happily watch that any time of year). Need to see stuff getting blown up? Die Hard is the one for you. Want to be 10 years old again? Home Alone!  Remember when films in the 80s were all about gunge? Bright green gunge? Hello Gremlins!

These are my favourite Christmas movies, and I’ve made some posters to celebrate their status as my essential Christmas Movie Club films.

1. Gremlins (1984)


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Post-Christmas fun: Royal Pavilion Ice Rink & Jamie’s Fabulous Feasts, Brighton

January isn’t normally a month I look forward to in any way, but so far it’s not been half bad this year. I’ve rediscovered evening and weekends to do stuff – something of a rarity back in December, and tackled the spring cleaning by de-cluttering the wardrobes and cupboards of stuff – swiftly followed by a trip to Ikea to fill the house with more stuff.

I had always intended to take a whirl around the Royal Pavilion ice rink in Brighton during the run up to Christmas but never got round to it in my lurgi-ridden state. So as a treat to cheer us up from the post-Christmas blues, my husband and I visited one evening after work.

Brighton ice rink 2013

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So This Is Christmas

The 72 hour rolling buffet has now ceased service and we’ve emerged from a food coma feeling pretty pleased with how that all went.  Like any good Christmas though, it was not without its drama (not quite the Eastenders type of drama, we all survived this one) as we almost ended up Turkeyless for Christmas dinner.  Unthinkable.

Having arrived at Chez Taylor, the parentals unloaded their sleigh of goodies and in amongst the collection of boxes and bags I couldn’t spot the star of the show.

Me: Where’s the turkey, mum?

Mum: Where’s the turkey, dad?

Dad: What turkey?

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The Santa Bus comes to Saltdean

Tonight I rushed home as fast as I could, to try and catch up with The Argus Appeal’s Santa Bus which was heading for Saltdean tonight.  Was I going to make it in time?  As we ascended the hill along the coastal road I could see out over all of Saltdean and the Santa Bus was nowhere to be seen.  I figured Santa had been and gone before teatime.  We drove by the park and… well, here’s my text exchange at the time to my husband.

Text message

Slightly delirious with excitement at the 50% chance it was yet to tour the neighbourhood I set off for home with a canter and refused to take my coat off til I knew if the bus was coming by.  George Michael started bouncing off the houses down the Vale (not literally, although that would be awesome) so we headed out awaiting its arrival.

I’m quite glad I managed to keep a lid on it and you can’t hear the mini-me inside screaming SANTAAAA I’M OVER HERE, HELLO, SANTAAAAAAA!

The Santa Bus has been on tour around Brighton & Hove for three weeks collecting donations for The Martlet’s Hospice and The Argus Appeal. Tonight was it’s penultimate night on tour, concluding tomorrow in East Saltdean starting at Bannings Vale, through Rodmell, Longridge and finally Wicklands. So get out there tomorrow, East Saltdean, represent!