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Vicky is Santa’s number one fan and champion of all things Christmas. With a passion for cooking, love of decorating and seasoned shopper, Christmas is a time to bring all this together and make the most of the festive season for nearest and dearest.

Christmas in Japan

A country close to my heart, Japan is probably the last place you’d think of when it comes to Christmas. And by rights too, Japan is a majority Buddhist and Shinto nation, so Christmas day isn’t an official holiday in the country where you’ll find shops and schools open on December 25th. Many children believe Christmas day to be the celebration of the birth of “Santa-san”, so we’re miles away from the Nativity story here.

tokyo dome christmas lights japan

Photo by Kryptos5

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Christmas styling on Polyvore

I’ve been having fun playing with Polyvore since they added the home interiors features. If you’ve not used Polyvore before, you’ve probably seen it used as a fashion collage tool, importing products from (not all) websites that you can “clip” as you spot them, a la Pinterest. It’s really simple to use, and each item featured should click back to a place to buy the item, which is all good – although you can’t clip items from certain sites like flickr.

So I’ll be sharing some small collections of Christmassy home interiors based around a style. Got an idea for a look you’d like to see turned into Christmas decor? Mermaids? Cats? Kim Fox from Eastenders? Leave a comment and set me some challenges!

To get started, here’s a room oft-overlooked in Christmas decorating – the bedroom. If you don’t have space for a Christmas tree in your bedroom, just decorate the heap of laundry on the floor instead.

christmas bedroom
Yes that is a cat on the bed.

Snacking round the Disney World parks

The last time I visited WDW I remember chicken nuggets became a substantial food group of my holiday diet (a childhood love, rekindled) but that we also had some really lovely dinners at Portobello in Downtown Disney, The Wave at the Contemporary Resort and a lightning-filled meal at Rainforest Cafe. Dining standards in the parks have risen significantly in recent years with healthier sides and more interesting snacks.  There are those days where you just want to eat something on-the-go or don’t have the time for a table service restaurant lunch, so these are the foods (and drinks!) I’d like to try.

Mochi ice cream balls @ Japan Pavilion, Epcot [link]

Ice cream mochi

Ice cream mochi – photo by See-ming Lee

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Fireworks at Disney World

The nightly fireworks across the various parks of Disney World are the stuff of legend, it blows my mind to think that such spectacular fireworks take place each night and at multiple parks.  There are loads of different spots to watch fireworks from, some offering their own additional entertainment to that offered inside the parks themselves.

Magic Kingdom: Wishes

Holiday Wishes photo

Holiday Wishes photo by Jeff Krause

Magic Kingdom’s Wishes are “the daddy” of fireworks displays and plays out a story of good versus evil by projecting lights and graphics on to Cinderella’s Castle.

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Blizzard Beach Disney Waterpark in December… really?

Blizzard beach by gary burk

Photo by the brilliant Gary Burke

Are you mad to go to Blizzard Beach in December?

There are days on a Disney holiday when you wake up and your body says “no, not today”. The French call this “heavy legs”. I call this “running round like a loon in the park for 5 days straight” (less catchy, granted) and a pool day is just what the doctor ordered. But why settle for just a pool when you could have lots of pools and a lazy river, and crazy slides that you ride a ski lift to get to? A ski lift!

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Take a seat, get comfy, we’ve much to discuss.

Photo by Tom Bricker from Disneytouristblog.com

Photo by Tom Bricker from Disneytouristblog.com

What is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party is held at Magic Kingdom on select dates during November – December and includes spectacular parades, fireworks, stage shows, character dance parties, complimentary hot chocolate & cookies plus a whole bunch of rare character meet & greets around the park. Did you know the Seven Dwarfs don’t come out at any other time of the year?

It’s also that thing you might have seen referred to as MVMCP which looks like a cat just walked over your keyboard but it’s actually just an acronym.  Took me some time to tell my MVMCPs from my MNSSHPs.

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We’re off to the Candlelight Processional 2013

german pavilion epcot

Photo by the amazing casajump

Following on from my guide to the Candlelight Processional at Epcot, I’ve finally picked a date, a time and a place for our dining package. As a (thoroughly) English person, I had to decipher the list of celebrity narrators via Wikipeadia to discover the faces behind the names, who are all very well known in the US.

There was also a lot of soul (stomach?) searching browsing the restaurant menus, admiring photos of the interiors, checking out reviews etc, and finally came to a decision on who we’ll be seeing and where we’ll be eating…

Our Candlelight Processional celebrity narrator will be (this is probably going to change 17 times in the run-up to Christmas):

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