Best rides at Epcot

Epcot, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally conceived by Walt Disney as a concept of urban living, but when he passed away the powers that be decided that realising Walt’s vision without him leading it was too risky, so it became a park based around the future, innovation and learning.


Best rides at Epcot

Epcot is the most un-Disney of all the Disney World parks and has a few stand-out headliner rides with a number of smaller-scale attractions and interesting shows. It feels less like a theme park and more like the most badass fun science & history park ever.


Test Track

Test track was the best start to our morning. There’s no better way to wake up than speeding round a circuit track in an open-top sports car. You design your own car before riding, and the vehicle is put through its paces to test the efficacy of your design choices. Results are displayed on a screen at the end of each test so you can see how your car design performed compared to those designed by other people in the vehicle (it holds up to 6 people per car).  Our car was the bomb, visually (more Saints Row than GTA), but totally bombed in all the performance tests except for speed. Here we are having a lovely time indeed:

test track photopass

The Sum of All Thrills

Innoventions East houses this super cool simulator ride where you design your own ride experience – rollercoaster, bobsled or jet. You get to play around with the track layout, speed, velocity and all sorts of fun stuff using the interactive tools like rulers and dials that make you balance the physical elements of the track so your ride could actually work in practice.  So after the design stage is complete you head up to the simulator and you’re strapped in to a twosey seat with an overhead console that fits pretty snug over your entire head. You can’t really turn your head inside the console, but you can see the person next to you via videolink in the top corner of your screen. Anyway, our rollercoaster was called INFINITE COBRA and was AWESOME. My mum and dad made a bobsled ride called “Winter Wonderland” and the computer kept making them re-build their ride because it was too slow to make it round the track.  Here’s an idea of what you look like from the outside whilst you’re riding:

Club Cool

epcot club cool soda fountain

This isn’t a ride, nor a show, there’s nothing to eat here and it’s really easy to miss it, but I love Club Cool!  So what is it?  It’s a Coca-cola sponsored attraction that offers complimentary soda fountain tasters from all over the world. There’s soda from Japan, Peru, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand, Greece and a really really really disgusting one from Italy.  It’s called Beverly. It’s like tonic water and Angostura bitters. It’s pure gross.  Here’s my Beverly face:


Probably my favourite of all the Epcot attractions is Soarin’. It’s a huge open-fronted hang glider simulator that takes you over California’s pine forests, lakes, cities, ski slopes, orange groves – some with complementary scents carried in the breeze as you woosh over the locations. You can see some toes from the row above you dangling down.  It’s a wonderful ride and such a great experience, if it wasn’t for the mad wait times I’d ride it over and over if I could.

I’ve left the best til last on the best rides series – finally we’ll be looking at Animal Kingdom next!


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