On the menu at Christmas

The rolling buffet of Christmas is losing momentum and we find ourselves winging it on leftovers for the next few days. I ate all the food and drank all the drinks and I really need to get to work on the yoga DVD I got for Christmas.

Here are my foodie highlights from the past week.


Christmas Eve – Salmon, cod and prawn roast wrapped in pancetta


M&S have some lovely salmon dishes in their Christmas offering and this year we picked this plump pancetta pillow made of mostly salmon fillet, with some cod loin and prawns underneath and a sun-dried tomato and spinach stuffing in the centre.

Christmas Day – Roast turkey and bread sauce (king of sauces)


We opted for a turkey crown again this year and only carved one side of it to feed the four of us. Crowns are so much easier to manage than whole birds. I usually make our sauces but cheated this year and bought M&S ones instead. The bread sauce needed livening up with some extra nutmeg but was otherwise pretty delicious, and the cranberry sauce was super boozy with port and zingy with clementine. Recommended.

Here’s dad looking pretty stoked about Christmas dinner.


Boxing Day – Ham, egg and chips


A tradition at my in-laws is to have this for lunch on Boxing Day. It makes a welcome change, especially after snaffling leftover cold roast parsnips for supper the night before (we all do that, right?).

Supper every night – ham sandwiches and twiglets


My mum gets a huge ham each Christmas and it serves for supper sandwiches each night in the run-up to Christmas, then what’s left is mixed with the remaining roast turkey and a tin of Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup into a creamy ham & turkey pie. But back to the sandwich – have you tried putting twiglets IN a sandwich? It’s a taste sensation. It’s basically a marmite crisp sandwich.

Holiday tipple – eggnog


How cute are these tiki cocktail glasses? They’re from the Hula Grill in Kaanapali (online store here). Anyway, eggnog! So my only introduction to eggnog was the disgusting eggnog latte at Starbucks which tasted like hot out-of-date milk with seven spoons of sugar in it. Undeterred, I had a go at a home-made batch and, just wowsers, it was delicious! I’m converted. It’s like drinking a custard milkshake with booze in it. What’s not to love? I now regret not buying a dozen of the moosehead eggnog glasses (National Lampoon’s Christmas) I spotted in Urban Outfitters in Florida last month (as they are a stonking £30 each !! over here).

So after all that lot (and the pringles, pistachios, chocolate coins off the tree and more cheese than anyone should consume) I long for clean food. Clean, healthy, wholesome, let’s-try-and-right-the-wrongs food. Hello celery, it’s been a while.


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