Super quick Disney recap

So how was Disney? It’s the question I’ve been asked every day and won’t tire of answering. It was the absolutely ruddy bloody best, look at all this!


Cinderella’s Castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom



Gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort


Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Christmas Mickey Gingerbread cupcake from Backlot Express at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Winter summerland crazy golf at Blizzard Beach

What was the best thing? Is usually the next question, and I usually have a different answer each time because wow much things so awesome. The Christmas party parade was a blast, my cheeks literally ached from smiling so much and the fireworks were spectacular, as always. The pre-fireworks projection show on Cinderella Castle turned it into a whole bunch of cool junk including a Wreck-It Ralph game! We rode our favourite rides over and over again (Tower of Terror makes me scream and laugh like a maniac in equal measure) and managed to experience pretty much every other ride, show and spectacular there was. We had some amazing dinners where we got yelled at, ate in Cadillacs, drank from flashing goblets, won a song & dance … there’s so much to say but I’ll be breaking it all down over the next few months so I can pretend it’s not all over.


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