Warming up for Christmas



I’ll be the first to admit that writing my Christmas cards not yet two weeks into November may be a little premature, but my upcoming two week hol to walt freakin’ disney world has meant all Christmas activities are happening sooner (yay!) rather than later (boo), including writing cards, buying gifts and decking out the house – okay we’re not quite at action stations for decorating the tree yet, but we shall be week Saturday!

As usual, Paperchase had the bestest cards I could find in town (3 for 2 on multipacks) so I spent Sunday night in my wooliest of wooly jumpers armed with my address book and newly purchased glitter gel pens (Tiger, £2,99, bargain) to go for round one with the cards. Round one? Why are there even rounds? Well my spider-got-in-the-inkpot handwriting does my arty husband no justice so he has to sign his own signature, plus Oscar’s on his behalf.

oscar fatty boom boom


As you can see Oscar was really no help. I should think he might be useful at licking stamps, but brother has a weight issue so he’d probably just eat them. Mmm delicious glue.

space santa tree ornament

Whilst in Paperchase I couldn’t resist buying this tree ornament of Santa in a cadillac-from-space shooting a ray gun (£7.99). Their collection of ridiculous tree ornaments are mostly 3 for 2s too, probably a good thing I didn’t realise til after I’d left the store.  They have all the hits including pugs in tutus, flamingos and Hawaiian santa. I think I need an “unrelated” themed Christmas tree one year.


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