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In the run-up to Christmas I lovelovelove watching a Christmas film on a Saturday afternoon each weekend.  Christmas movies cover all moods of film-watching. Feeling blue? Elf will never fail to cheer me up (I will happily watch that any time of year). Need to see stuff getting blown up? Die Hard is the one for you. Want to be 10 years old again? Home Alone!  Remember when films in the 80s were all about gunge? Bright green gunge? Hello Gremlins!

These are my favourite Christmas movies, and I’ve made some posters to celebrate their status as my essential Christmas Movie Club films.

1. Gremlins (1984)


2. Home Alone (1990)


3. Die Hard (1988)


4. Elf (2003)



So what’s the Christmas movie club?

Get your friends together to watch one of the above films. The host is contributing with their delightful house, so all you other guys can bring the popcorn, beers and holy trinity of Christmas snacks (Twiglets, Cheeselets and monkey nuts). Rotate houses each weekend and voila – you have just formed your very own Christmas Movie Club. Cute huh? Dress code optional, but dodgy Christmas jumpers and onesies seem most apt.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Club

  1. I have a soft spot for Yogi’s first Christmas as well as that commercial flop It’s A Wonderful Life. I think I’ve watched Scrooged every year since I was about 7 and also Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Die Hard goes without saying. National Lampoon is the one I insist everybody else watches but they never do. Every year I put on Bad Santa and promptly fall asleep because Christmas isn’t about John Ritter and Bernie Mac talking about Santa f-ing Opal in the ass.

    • I’m compiling my top movies list next 🙂 I’ve never seen Yogi’s first Christmas, I miss Yogi! Lampoon is some serious cringefest right there, it makes me physically recoil but I can’t stop watching.

      • Yogi’s first Christmas is exactly that. It’s classic Hanna-Barbera. You should check it out. It’s nostalg-tastic.

        As for national lampoon – I agree. It’s a cringe-fest but one that I enjoy. Part of that joy is pointing out who everyone is. Every year. Oh look its thing from TBBT. No wonder no one else watches it with me. I think the fact that community has taught me Chase is also a real-life arsehole somehow makes it better on some level.

        I look forward to your top movies list!

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