Christmas styling on Polyvore

I’ve been having fun playing with Polyvore since they added the home interiors features. If you’ve not used Polyvore before, you’ve probably seen it used as a fashion collage tool, importing products from (not all) websites that you can “clip” as you spot them, a la Pinterest. It’s really simple to use, and each item featured should click back to a place to buy the item, which is all good – although you can’t clip items from certain sites like flickr.

So I’ll be sharing some small collections of Christmassy home interiors based around a style. Got an idea for a look you’d like to see turned into Christmas decor? Mermaids? Cats? Kim Fox from Eastenders? Leave a comment and set me some challenges!

To get started, here’s a room oft-overlooked in Christmas decorating – the bedroom. If you don’t have space for a Christmas tree in your bedroom, just decorate the heap of laundry on the floor instead.

christmas bedroom
Yes that is a cat on the bed.

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