100 days til Christmas!

Today marks 100 days til Christmas! Did you hear that? That’s 3 months of lists, shopping, card-writing, more lists, more shopping, and so on. Mum has already bought half a dozen people’s presents and I’ve bought some fancy Christmas cards. It’s off to a good start.

The signs are already appearing that makes me think about battening down the hatches for winter. The coats have emerged from the cupboard and the sandals now sit at the bottom of the shoe pile. Lakeland’s Christmas catalogue landed on my doormat over the weekend and it’s got me thinking about what yummy Christmassy treats I’ll be baking over the coming months. Since I started shopping with Ocado this year (ooh get her) I received an email advising a Christmas grocery delivery strategy. It will be like hovering on the BA website waiting for online check-in to open. Refresh refresh refresh. POW.

With the omg-Disney-omg holiday on the cards for December, it’s meant Christmas will be arriving early in the Mrs Christmas household this year as we aim for a late November decking of the halls, so we get a little grotto time in before we head for Florida. Mr Christmas was surprisingly OK about this, which can only mean that the brainwashing programme has been a success and he now loves Christmas as much as I do (well okay, maybe not that much).

In a bid to stop me yammering on about Disney stuff so much, it’s time to get back on track to all things Christmassy. First up will be a bit of eye candy with some polyvore boards to inspire your Christmas style this year. Stay tuned!


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