Blizzard Beach Disney Waterpark in December… really?

Blizzard beach by gary burk

Photo by the brilliant Gary Burke

Are you mad to go to Blizzard Beach in December?

There are days on a Disney holiday when you wake up and your body says “no, not today”. The French call this “heavy legs”. I call this “running round like a loon in the park for 5 days straight” (less catchy, granted) and a pool day is just what the doctor ordered. But why settle for just a pool when you could have lots of pools and a lazy river, and crazy slides that you ride a ski lift to get to? A ski lift!

This is Blizzard Beach and it’s one of Disney’s waterparks – actually, it’s the only waterpark on our trip since the other one, Typhoon Lagoon, is closed for a big fat refurb at the end of the year. So you’re dead to us Typhoon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach was always my favourite anyway.

So, about those waterparks in December? Are you sure?

Yes! Well, kinda. I mean, I’m up for extreme weather water park time as much as the next person. December is completely impossible to call weather-wise as historically there have been shorts and flip-flops Decembers and others have been hats and gloves Decembers, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the former. The water at Blizzard Beach is heated throughout. Just saying.

Aren’t we supposed to be relaxing today?

The crowd-pleasing thing about Disney waterparks is that you can have as much or as little run-around time as you like. Blizzard Beach has a very long lazy river so you can plonk yourself in a donut and let the current do all the hard work for you. There’s also a big wave pool – really big, one acre in size – to bob around in.  There is plenty of space to relax on loungers, in sun or shade, with a bar on site offering frozen cocktails and various eateries serving pulled pork sandwiches, Caesar salads, hotdogs and fries and all the usuals.

And this ski lift takes you where?

To reach the slides you hitch a ride on a ski-style chair lift up the hill. What goes up, must come down. There are a bunch of flumes to ride, with silly yet highly accurate names like Summet Plummet (it hurts) and fun group-rides like Teamboat Springs where you ride together in a dinghy down a winding flume, or Mount Gushmore Toboggan Racers which is like a funfair sack slide but on water mats with 8 lanes, or the Downhill Double Dipper which takes a downhill ski slope and puts you in a donut to race down it – there are two lanes complete with start gates and a clock to time who was fastest.

Ok my fingertips are wrinkly, now what? 

Let’s go play crazy golf of course! Blizzard Beach is also home to the Winter Summerland crazy golf course where you can “Uh-mark-it-6” your way round 18 holes of Christmas-themed crazy golf. Really you can’t even make this stuff up. So the story goes, here is the place where Santa built a holiday resort for off-duty elves to get a bit of vitamin D. There are two courses, Summer which is sand/beach themed, and Winter which is all snowcaps and ice castles. There’s also a snowman who squirts water at you as the golf ball passes through. What a guy.

Photo by the brilliant Scott R Smith

Photo by the brilliant Scott Smith

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