We’re off to the Candlelight Processional 2013

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Following on from my guide to the Candlelight Processional at Epcot, I’ve finally picked a date, a time and a place for our dining package. As a (thoroughly) English person, I had to decipher the list of celebrity narrators via Wikipeadia to discover the faces behind the names, who are all very well known in the US.

There was also a lot of soul (stomach?) searching browsing the restaurant menus, admiring photos of the interiors, checking out reviews etc, and finally came to a decision on who we’ll be seeing and where we’ll be eating…

Our Candlelight Processional celebrity narrator will be (this is probably going to change 17 times in the run-up to Christmas):

"Yes I will be a narrator at the Candlelight Processional 2013, but only if Jack Bauer is head of security."

Here he is taking the call from Disney. Image by FanPop


Also known as Dennis Haysbert who starred in 24. I wonder if he’ll bring Jack Bauer with him?  Did you know he was in Wreck-It Ralph?

I really hope the schedule sticks because I think he’ll make a super cool narrator. Yeah it would have been nice to see Whoopi Goldberg, but it’s going to be mega crazy busy on Friday & Saturday night and I think we may make those our waterpark days anyway.

So we’ll be seeing President Da…, sorry I mean, Dennis Haysbert, preceded by an earlyish dinner at Biergarten in the Germany Pavillion of the World Showcase in Epcot.

Candlelight Processional Dining Package at Biergarten

As I’ve already mentioned, the Dining Package is a no-brainer when we’ll want to experience dining in the World Showcase during our trip anyway, and anything to alleviate excessive queuing boredom and will-we-get-in?! stress is a good thing in my book.

Located in the German Pavilion at Epcot (picture at the top) Biergarten is an all-you-can-eat (they call it “all you care to eat” in America these days because Homer Simpson) German buffet restaurant where it’s perptually Oktoberfest in the mid-1800s. The interior features a working water wheel and a stage where traditional oompah music is performed at various times throughout the day/evening. It’s a communal tables set up, so it’s all sounding pretty convivial and a fun experience-dinner.  Now on to the food.

The menu includes bratwurst, sauerkraut, rotisserie chicken, schnitzel, baked salmon, beef rouladen potato dumplings, spatzel… it’s all sounding pretty satisfying, even perhaps a bit festive? I had considered booking Teppan Edo or Marrakesh for our Candlelight Processional Dining Package, but I think going to the Biergarten is going to fit in with the Christmassy atmosphere of the day. What am I even saying, every day is going to be Christmassy on this trip!  Anyway, there are also a bunch of cold salads (just saying) and, more importantly, dessert includes Bavarian Cheesecake (yeah no idea either) and Apple Strusel.   The Pretzel rolls come highly recommended.

The drinks list is also pretty interesting. I am very excited about taking a Beer Flight which includes 5oz pours of 4 different German beers. Or maybe I’ll just take a straight litre of one of them. I’d probably need an extra hand just lifting the thing.  Beer straws are a no-no, right?

The Germany Pavilion at Epcot has some really interesting themed merchandise that you can see in the bottom section of this post over at easyWDW.

The Candlelight Processional Dining Package at Biergarten pricing runs at approximately $55 per person including sales tax.

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