Do They Know It’s (six months ‘til) Christmas?

6 months to christmas!Today marks the day that we are now closer to next Christmas than the last. It’s six months til Christmas and the countdown is on.  Whoa there, Nellie, you might say, but I’ve scarce put the winter wardrobe away, regretting that decision as the wind blows a hoolie and the rain lashes down.  Well, fine, if that’s how you want to play it, Summer, then bring on Christmas!

So at this midway point in the calendar, it feels like it’s time to revive the blog and look forward to my most favourite part of the year.  Coming up over the next few months:

  • I’ll be making a regular feature looking at how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the world
  • Raiding the back of the larder for the last jar of mincemeat in the house and turning it into a selection of spiced treats to brighten up a wet weekend
  • Making the most of our early jump on Christmas by starting up a Christmas Club

Finally, last but not least, I’ll also be adding a whole new section to the site about planning a trip to Walt Disney World at Christmas. Mr & Mrs Christmas will be visiting The Mouse for a couple of weeks in December this year, and whilst I’ve managed to find bits and pieces of information about what goes on at Chez Disney around the festive season, it will be good to pull it all into one place to share.  I’ll be adding park guides, resort highlights and special events that you’ll only experience during the Christmas season at Walt Disney World.

Until next time, Feliz Navidad!


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