January sales: Christmas picks

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Christmas fanatic in possession of Christmassy things, must be in want of more Christmassy things. To this end, there is no better way to stave off the immediate post-Christmas blues than by buying loads of things in the January sales, for next Christmas.

Lego Christmas Village – was £89.99 – £49.99, now £45.99 – £89.99, The Lego Shop

Lego Winter Cottage

Lego Winter Cottage

My parents always had a cute ceramic model village when I was a kid, it sat on an odd low-slung table covered in roof flashing (!?) and sprayed with a fresh can of snow every year. The village buildings lit up and there were unfathomably not-to-scale statues of people, trees and deers, which all stood at roughly the same height, which would be awesome in real life.  It was only a matter of time til we started our own version of the model village, but the classic ceramic style wouldn’t really suit our place – then we spotted this in the new Lego Shop in Brighton.  The Lego Winter Cottage series features all sorts of buildings – a shop, a post office etc, all kitted out for crimbo and with the essential potential for illumination to make it proper. At their prices I think we’ll be adding just the one building each year…!

Christmas bauble glitter storage boxes – Lakeland, was £19.99, now £9.99

Christmas decoration storage box

With three Christmas trees on the go each year now, I wanted to be able to organise each set of decorations, lights, garlands etc separately.  These storage boxes from Lakeland include three essential things: 1) card dividers to stop baubles rolling around and bashing into one another, 2) *secret storage* compartments in the lid, and 3) glitter. The whole thing is covered in silver glitter.  Not going to have trouble spotting that in the cupboardunderthestairs come next Christmas!  So that’s the tree decorations sorted, now what to do about storing the rest of the house stuff?

Villeroy & Boch nest of Christmas boxes – House of Fraser, £13

A very early 2013 crimbo pressie from ma & pa were these beautiful storage boxes in the Christmas Nostalgia print by Villeroy & Boch. The nest of boxes are housing our collection of Christmas decorations from around the rest of the house. I might start an old tradition of my dad’s where a hand written note is left in the lid of the box each year the Christmas decorations come out – summing up who’s in the room at the time, what’s going on and who’s doing what.

Racing Reindeer Christmas Crackers – was £25, now £12.50, Lakeland

Racing reindeer Christmas crackersI love having a box of game crackers for after Christmas dinner.  We’ve had some goodies like Who Am I, Crackers? (Elvis, I was always Elvis) and some not-so-successful ones like this year’s Christmas Whistle Concerto (everyone had an individual note whistle to blow on command by the conductor (er, myself) and the instructions allege that this will produce a chorus from a Christmas carol. Our timing was terrible and there was a lack of commitment from the participants so the band split due to creative differences and we just wore our daft hats instead. I think these racing reindeers look a little less involved and much more befitting of the twilight zone post-dinner where you’re on the cusp of a food coma.

Christmas giftwrap organiser – £11.99, eBay


Christmas giftwrap organiser

I love fancy Christmas wrapping supplies, and it costs so little when shops are desperate to shift all their giftwrap and accessories in January. You’ll need something to keep it in so it’s kept in good condition til next year. I love my giftwrap organiser – I think I will extend it with a sort of giftwrapping superhero’s tool belt next year as I’m still finding bits of Sellotape stuck to my pajama trousers even now and the cat has consigned offcuts of curling ribbons to his toy basket now. This storage bag keeps it all in one place and sits under the bed, on top of a wardrobe or in the Christmas Cupboard Under The Stairs with the rest of the decorations.

The January sales in Brighton were pretty good this year, we struck early and managed to grab most of the good stuff before January even arrived.  Now… where to store all this stuff!


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