So This Is Christmas

The 72 hour rolling buffet has now ceased service and we’ve emerged from a food coma feeling pretty pleased with how that all went.  Like any good Christmas though, it was not without its drama (not quite the Eastenders type of drama, we all survived this one) as we almost ended up Turkeyless for Christmas dinner.  Unthinkable.

Having arrived at Chez Taylor, the parentals unloaded their sleigh of goodies and in amongst the collection of boxes and bags I couldn’t spot the star of the show.

Me: Where’s the turkey, mum?

Mum: Where’s the turkey, dad?

Dad: What turkey?

M&S had loaded up dad’s trolley with our pre-ordered Christmas feast, but left the bird out of the bags. Mum immediately got on the blower to M&S, but by this time the store had long been closed and only closing-up staff were still in the building for another 25 minutes.  If we could get to the store in that time, they’d have a bird for us.  Except they were over 70 miles away from the store, having landed in Brighton.  There was one family member yet to arrive – my brother – so we telephoned him to abandon his Christmas eve get-together to embark on a mission to liberate our turkey from the confines of a M&S refrigeration unit.  He was under specific instruction to head to the delivery door at the rear of the building and ask for “Shelley” – whether this was a password or the store attendant, I can’t be sure – and he had now 20 minutes to do so.

Thanks to the efforts of David and his friends (thanks David and his Friends) the turkey was secured and Christmas was back on track.  Huzzah!

Thankfully that was the extent of the drama for the festive season and the rest was a melange of lush food, silly games and awesome loot.

Pugs not Drugs sweatshirt

Awesome loot including this super sweet sweatshirt and matching mug by one of my favourite illustrators, Gemma Correll.

Marks and Spencer passionfruit mousseOne of no less than nine (yes, nine) Christmas desserts in the three-day food parade.

DSC_1551Rising early for pressies on Christmas morning.

DSC_1567Having a dance to the end credits of Toy Story, it was our first dance at our wedding earlier this year.

DSC_1573Dad doing what Dad does best: jokes…


…and power naps.

DSC_1574 Man and cat submit to the food coma.

Boxing Day lunch was a Taylor tradition of a beautiful home-cooked ham from my mother-in-law, served up with fried eggs and chunky chips.

I now have a post-Christmas craving for some fresh air, so tomorrow I do battle at The Sales. Wish me luck, and send out a search party if I’m not back by sunset.


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